Greetings. I am a self-diagnosed autist in my 30’s. Yes, another in a long line of the children time forgot. 🙂

I write elsewhere about some of these things, but there is something about exposure, particularly among those you walk, work, and breathe next to.

It brings about the agony of vulnerability, the shame of nudity, and the intense longing for anonymity.

Hence, I have retreated here where I can be nameless once more…

That I may pour out my heart unintruded on by those who look askance at my every word.

That I can gather to me, hopefully, a tribe that understands and does not fault my struggles.

Some place where all is not the distasteful business of ‘buy my wares’ and ‘admire my beauties’.

I don’t pretend no one will recognize my style.

After all, certain artists do paint in certain hues.

Some may catch a glimmer of recognition as I swash my brush about in this new venue. 😉

But, if you do? Do me the favor of staying silent on my identity, friend.

I will be glad to know you are here through your comments and likes, believe me.

And I want very much to encourage you in kind, especially my fellow autists.

It’s a lonely journey at times, isn’t it?  

But, it’s less about being known by name than it is by heart.

Hence, you will find brutal honesty about my world…but not my name.

Elsewise, what good will the nurture of my cocoon do me?

Anyway, that about sums up my purpose here. Hope you join me on the journey and find something to connect with here.