Blessed, enveloping silence.
My welcomed solace,
My soothing sanctuary from the confusing cacophony of life.
It is where my feet rush me to
When the colors and the lights and the voices blare
Like so many out-of-tune tubas at full volume.
It is where I can stim as I please
Without having to secret it like torn tissues in my coat pocket.
Where I answer to no one
And nothing nags at me
To be, to do, to see…
A cool, happy dark
Where I am but a shadow
And I dance without the cares
The world grinds on day after pointless day in.
Ah, but it is so elusive,
This silence…
Soon enough the phone jangles the sweet hush
Or someone small and precious
Or larger but nevertheless loved
Has need of me.
And I find I must don my skin again,
Re-enter the noise,
And be the other me.