Somehow, they thought I’d blossom into the flower they figured I had to be.
They had one idea of pretty
Fastened to the front of their
Unimagninative minds and nothing
Less than their version of perfection would do.
So…when the wrong shaped petals sprigged from my sooty earth,
Mismatching their ideal,
Odd colors clashing with their dainty rows,
There was much horror,disgust,
And plucking abounding.
Much tssking and fussing and attempts to remold the unmoldable.
Splashes of different tones dumped on
My undesirably shaded blooms.
I found myself gasping and grasping to find myself in the midst of the manhandling.
I cried for water and tender care.
They just clicked their tongues and told me I only needed more sun.
They never seemed to see that all this everlasting pruning and merciless burn was what was killing me…
Darn near yanked out at the roots,
Not really living but not yet dead.
Somehow found myself
Transplanted to a garden of a new hue,
Suddenly, I discovered growth I never knew…
A place where blessed rain pours out
And nourishes my unfurling soul at last, to grow just as I am.
And finally, I find I can