So what’s your angle?, I got asked a lot.

What’s the hook you snag your people in with?

Everyone’s gotta have one, you know.

Everyone’s in the business of busy business, after all.

Everyone but me, it seems.

The bubblegum goo of marketing oneself

Turns my stomach sour and my mind sticky.

Not trying to be one of those cool pseudo-rebels slouching

In the back of the room,

Cracking wise about others’ Barry Manilow wardrobes.

Anybody to look at me would think more of vanilla ice cream goodness, anyway.

But, inside, I do seethe

With the phony baloney push of it all.

The perpetual ” look what I can do”

Mindless twirl of what is expected

To succeed today.

Because, succeed you must.

It’s the everything to everybody.

And it only looks like this, folks-

The overloud, obnoxious pow from the TV-

Like cartoonish Batman action sequence

It yells to you in technicolor brightness.

It looks like the shiny hook

The whole damn world

Knows is dangling

But gulp up like good little guppies nonetheless.

And here I sit without a line to my name

That I can stand to throw out anymore.

And, yet, though few understand

And some are even agape,

I have never felt so okay…