Such a short word to describe 

So very much.

Not nearly adequate to expand the divide in my heart.

‘Sorrow’ is better.

Slides throat to tongue

With some weight behind it.

Speaks of a head so full that

Aching torrents


Their rain all across my landscape.

‘Sorrow’ spies from the place it lies

As I attempt to close my coat,

Longing to hem myself in from

The massive, pelting cold.

But, the shelter it affords

Suddenly feels so thin.

So, turn the music up louder.

Drown out the fearful chatter.

Let it be all right.

Let it help me find the night

Where stars break beyond the storm.

Sing back to me, sorrow-

Soft and light and understanding.

Sing back to me,  tender and slow

Of all the beautiful, liberating things

I wish could be…