I have purposely stuck away from many references to family here, but, recently, some loved ones-some who also happen to be autist- had some triumphs I am rather pleased with. This is my “victory song” , so to speak…

What a wonder it is to watch you

Move as you were born to-

With a fluidity of expression

Completely unhindered.

Oh, there have been cruelties over time,

Stiflings and sneers,

But, the awareness of such

Only deepens the appreciation of

Your moment to shine,

And not in that false, tinfoil way the

World wants you to,

But as wholly, beautifully you,

Reflecting from within

And lighting up new pathways

Upon which autists may stride.

You’re game changers,

History makers,

And what a joy it is.

Keep going, dear ones-

Make it further than I’ve been,

Soar higher than I could.

Show the world how much they’ve missed 

And I will be right here to celebrate you all the while…