My other world expected pictures. In this haven, I have determined to only do them when I so choose. For example: Never will there be a “selfie”. ( ugh.)  But, a picture of my favorite article of clothing? Yes, it seemed fitting here. 🙂

Faded black, 

Coated with country dust,

Broken in to a

Perfect fit.

One unobtrusive brass button,

No splashiness, thank you. 🙂

You are a pretty little psychological 


Dear hat,

My greatly esteemed chapeau

Underneath which more than

Wild hair can hide.

Noonday glare and glares of strangers,

And “friends” who might as well be…

All pass a little less irritably

Beneath your blessed brim.

It is as though life’s stressors,

If not wholly contained,

At least, are muted

As I place you on my 

Pounding head.

When you were lost,

I fretted miserably,

Forced to slink outdoors in

Something inferior that flaps away

At the barest of breezes.

And, when I found you?

Oh, happiness!

I donned you then and there,

Gleefully invisible again…