Why is it only tooth and nail,


Never to be diminished?

No offense to the scrappers and survivors;

I sometimes fit this category of Macgyvers. πŸ˜‰

Especially where advocating

And simply making it through the day 

Comes into play…

But, other times, I think

‘Surrender’ should not have to be spoken

With an incredulously curled lip,

Nor should acquiescence be 

Dismissed with a superior sniff.

And why should backing off be 

Equated with cowardice?

As if it is ridiculous to know your limits!

But, so few really understand…

For, in this world,

It’s all gung-ho, let’s-go, on-with-the- show… 

We laud putting up dukes 

And brooking no excuse

Far above

Laying down arms

Or letting alone that which harms.

‘Never say die’ is

Held up high, 

Waved like a righteous banner.

But, in the end, 

I have to wonder just what it is

We’re all after…

A brief moment in the sun,

A title for fortunes won?

Our particular pedestal on which

To flex,

Or on which to prove we are more than

Just a speck?

Oh, why can we not instead

Lift each other up

And shed

All this need to be on top?

Ah, but I fear as long as we are

Grasping, greedy humans,

It’ll never truly stop…