This one inspired something in me I have not attempted much in a long while : A sketch. Nothing really fancy, but felt it might fit. 

In your shadow,

Always in your shadow…

Oh, I know I more or less 

Chose to

Reside there, as I always have.

It’s cool.

It’s comfortable.

A shade to shield me

From the intense glare of the world.

But, there are days the long arms of


Hem me in,

Quenching my feeble light,

Holding me a little too tight

In the embrace of your protection,

And I find myself feeling oh-so-small,

Almost as if I were not there at all.

But, though I chafe,

It has always been this way-

Forever ducking behind someone


Some way.

There is no escape.

Oh, the worst kind of aloneness

Can exist in the house 

Co-dependency built.

But, where else would I go

But to another shadow?

Might as well stay…