I am thinking of Mother’s Day, of course. Hard not to when you’re a mom! πŸ˜‰ But, this is what popped in my head this morning: A tribute to the people here who gather to my side and understand. Feeling the shadows a little less today, more like I can venture out…

So, indeed, someone sees me

After all…

In the inadequate scratchings of

A sometimes foolish heart,

You found me…

There’s a scripture somewhere

That talks of setting the lonely in


So has happened for me.

Oh, I have my blood relations.

On this, a day to celebrate 


I can sometimes feel bittersweet

For remembrance of the harsher ties.

Yet, I can also look around my table 

And witness redemptive evidence-

Precious gifts bestowed upon my weary times.

However, never to take away from them, 

But, this morning, I cannot help

But think also on

My lovely online tribe –

Ones with eyes that recognize

Who I am

Beneath the protective covering

And say, “I understand.”

Ones who know the voice of troubles and joy

And reach out a willing hand.

Not so large a people as to be

Lost in,

But enough to know I am, in fact,


A gathering of hearty, battle-scarred souls

That attend their ears with kindness

And speak truth

But are mindful to remove the sting.

Exactly what I always have needed-

A rich depth,

Dense with branches, 

Tender of fruit,

And extending beyond the miles.

A beautiful, thriving connective-

Just as a family should be…