Found my old oil crayons. I can feel a little shy showing this stuff, to be honest, but having some fun and felt like it might be worth sharing . 🙂 Art is a love I have long missed. Don’t know how many good days my hands will allow, but taking advantage…

Oh, something in my heart zings today…

Creativity calls to me

In all its fantastical colors,

Coaxes me to lay my fingers

To the canvas

And fashion new places…

And the greatest part is

They don’t have to even be

Grand ones,

As long as they are mine.

For the bubble of joy

Is so often found in the

Crafting alone,

Stepping into my own


And playing at different tangents of

A fertile mind,

Sounding the notes that

Please me most,

Choosing who I will beckon in to

Spin with me…

Delighting in vivid smudges

And delicate gray pencil sketches alike…

Smell of crayons, clean paper

And graphite…

Oh, there are few things so fine

As breathing life

Into a blank world…