Slowly, painfully, I am learning

You loved me for who

You thought I was.

Yes, so sorry to say that

Even you who has seen

So much more of unadulterated me

And seemingly accepted

Things no one else could even see

Still received less of myself than

Pieces of my mask.

And, now…

As they increasingly crumble

And you see me fast losing

My bright “potential”…

What you thought you prized

You are sorely disappointed to find

Was nothing but a coward’s charade,

Meant to distract from the 

Never-ending parade

Of ugly neuroses and crying jags.

Your patience and enthusiasm

Understandably lags

As you discover I will likely

Never be the strong

Nor the fearless,

The capable

Or the peerless.

Yet, there you are…

Desperately trying to remold my

Mask for me,

Willing me to put it back on,

Hoping it blends into my 

Mottled skin and becomes me,

Or, at least, to improve the view

You’ve been stuck with…