Finally caved and watched the movie “The Accountant” last night, if only to see how autism was portrayed ( yes, I am typically months late to the party. ☺). No offense to any who enjoyed it, but where it wasn’t all bad, it did spark some annoyance at yet again seeing a guy’s autism complete with the usual numerical capability….

“If you were a genius,

We might have more use for you,”

They say.

“As it is,

You are far too…mundane,”

They fairly snort.

“What sort of enigma are you?

Where lies the puzzle prowess?

Or the mathematical equation-spouting,



We are so used to seeing?”

And they smirk almost…


Certainly disbelievingly.

I’ve disappointed them, after all.

I don’t put off the vibe they recall.

And, then, I wish I could say

I stand up and politely give them hell.

But, more often than not, I lose words in conversation,

Wind up sputtering fruitless 


In ways they summarily chalk up to

Profound ineptness.

And so, I have to watch them walk away 


At how the phrasology

Doesn’t sound like any whiz kid’s…

Ah, but here?

Here it flows out undisturbed by any

Errant comment or expression…

Thus, today, I must firmly say

We are not all of us

Walking calculators or

Made of the same variety of quirks.

Some have those particular gifts,

Some don’t.

But, whatever we have or don’t have 

Do not sum up our worth.

Too often what you envision are 

Merely endearing stereotypes 

Designed to sell books and movies

Or make things more palatable for you

At school or work.

Because, to you, if one is smart

In the requisitely cool

Or markedly profitable

Sense of the word,

Much, much more can be forgiven.

Oh, don’t try to deny this truth.

For, you see, autism looks almost stylish then,

Like a pet in a purse,

Something cute to dangle from your arm.

Just put us in front of a screen with

Fidget spinners in hand

And we can blend right in 

With the rest of this electronically-induced age

To beat the band.

Heaven forbid you find you are wrong

Or start catching the strains of a 

Different song!

For, all your gold mines dwindle then.

To be autistic and yet too “ordinary”?

An enigma of a rather unsatisfying sort!

And, apparently, the gravest of sins

According to your tried and true reports…