Exploring some old favorite tunes in the last day or so.  “Sleepwalk” by the brothers Santo and Johnny is an amazing, unique piece from 1959 that always makes me think of a wanderer deep in thought, perhaps struggling with a secret sorrow. This last listen inspired both sketch and poem. I thought linking to the song would add to it. Enjoy. 


Some days, I feel like I’m


Eerie steel guitars puncuating

My slumbering wake,

Tallgrass swaying for background’s sake.

And I find I am just

Dragging time in my hand,

Rope-burns grinding like sand.

Body tired to the marrow,

Yet brain urging thoughts

Further on and

Further on in the high and low,

Twining notes resounding over and 

Again in my folly,

Binding spells of piercing melancholy.

Sometimes, I want to cry nay to the

Beckoning shadows of the deep ponder,

But, something in me refuses to lay down

Till there is no further to wander…