Feel myself going quiet again;

Happens a lot these days.

Once upon a time, this would

Distress me,

Knowing what was expected

And finding myself unable. 

Yet, today,  I am not so troubled.

For, there is a something lovely 

Beyond the clamoring rush I am so 

Often thrust in,

An inhabiting of the cavernous spaces of

My psyche,

Swimming in the deeper waters

Where fishes don’t chance to flip

Their fins.

I spread my arms,

Kick my legs,

Let the waters drip easy,

Cool as a slow jazz beat,

In this secret stream

Where words don’t even have to be.

Funny that-

Language I love,

Lean and languid river on mind’s tongue,

But, as soon as it becomes less than

An artist’s pure reverie

And more like the twisty knots of anxiety,

All the more I am willingly pulled into

This pool of silence…