I share such weighty matters 

Most times. 

It’s always been deeply rooted in

Who I am.

Used to despise it,

Profusely apologize for it…


I am learning not to disparage 

This, my serious-mindedness. 

It’s a major branch of my particular 

Aspie tree

And I find I actually, really

Long to embrace my requisite

Thinker pose.

And, more and more,

I do.

I really, actually do…

However, tonight, things have 


To a bit of a

Whimsical smile,

And that’s good and needed, too…

Sharing of the bygone miles,

Ernie and Bert books in silly voices,

Giggly girl on the couch

And bouncing, boisterous boys

Posing in their way cool shades.

And I find it is all right for my

Oft-heavy heart to laugh

As well as to ponder;

There’s room for both branches to 

Stretch out

Higher and farther…