Time to pull up my chair for a bit of random talking.

It’s been a busy last little while, to say the least.

Crowded calendars. Much facillitating others. Much tiredness.

But, a happy moment in this day-

My sweet girl has been approved for some weight-bearing!

She has to ease into it, of course. With a big ol’ boot and a cane for a while. She was kind of nervous about the idea. Unknowns do that to her, just as they do to me.

But, oh, the smile on her face when she realized this meant she was this much closer to getting back to dancing- that she could be more independent! What a lovely sight!πŸ˜€

Makes the tougher part of the next few days somewhat better… 

Yes, I am among those who don’t particularly love the upcoming festivities, especially fireworks. 

I know. They are pretty. A visual delight to an artist’s soul.

But, oh, the noise. Kaboom. Kaboom. Kaboom.

I can steel myself for the ones pyro hubby sets off. He warns me, mostly.

And I mostly stay a safe distance.

As in, inside, looking out the window.

Because, darned if I don’t have smoke allergies as well. Sigh.

I have mostly learned to adapt, I suppose.

When you are married to someone who enjoys such and a couple of your kids seem similarly inclined, you find ways for everyone to be happy-though it can feel a bit disjointed sometimes.

But,  really, it’s all those nighttime neighbors who set off their firecrackers wily-nily that irk me.

I can expect a barrage of them around here for the next few days.

Yet, though I expect, I know not the exact moment. Therefore, I still startle.

Ah, well. It isn’t forever.

Needless to say, me and the two kiddos most like me will mostly burrow in pretty quietly through the festivities.

But, there will be hot dogs. And ice cream. And old movies and TV. πŸ˜€

So…different holiday in some ways from some, but, really not so bad, I guess.

Well…that was way rambly, but thanks all the same for the listen.

Best wishes to all. ☺