Feeling weird.  Like having adventures and talking to people. What’s up with that? πŸ˜‚  Maybe yesterday went more peaceful than anticipated so I unexpectedly feel good? I don’t know. Anyway, the above are just some doodles that came out of nowhere at a time when all I had to draw with were my blue ink pen and a small notepad. Figured they added a bit to my serpetine thoughts below. πŸ™‚

Feeling of random flights of fancy

Running somewhat rampant today.

A little sip of this,

A tiny breath of that.




One moment piles upon another

Upon another.

And another after that.

Like dominos tumbling down,

Yet not exactly in a scary way.

And for whatever reason, my brain says,

Venture into the fray today!

A little annoying,

Slightly out-of-character,

Yet not terribly bothersome,

Though my preference is to

Gather my few interests round

Like circled wagons of the old West

And hone in.

Maybe my reach is just a tad itchy,

Like it needs to stretch.

Perhaps, it just wants to wind around

And branch out a little,

Like the strange blue strokes of

My trusty pen.

Maybe I’m a teensy bit daring,

Leaping in a stutter step at a time

In things I typically steer clear of.

Maybe it’s good.

Maybe it’s what I’m supposedly supposed to do right now…

I don’t really know.

And maybe I will wake the next morning

With tired muscles, regret, and the desire to

Pillow down deep into my

Much prized mellowness

Once again…πŸ˜‹