This was not at all the sort of picture I began with, friends. Definitely a case of the creation overtaking the mind. But, perhaps, it better knew my heart today than I did…

She was an average-looking sort

On the outset.

But, as time wore on

And the crayons pressed


Against her paper visage,

Oddness surfaced-

Oblong slices of mismatched colors, 

Signaling more was to her

Than initially appeared.

More that might be viewed grotesque,

But, also, more that could be a

 New definition of


Some would stare openly, puzzled.

Others would turn aside disdainfully,


But a few would look into the

Myriads of her multi-colored, misfit heart

And declare her vibrant of soul.

And those are the ones she surrounds

Herself in,

Those are the ones to whom

She can let the kaleidoscope of

Her face show.