Worldly confidence.

That which has always been

Fleeting at best with me.

I can coast on its translucent plastic cloud

A day or two, at most, you see.

Oh, perhaps, once or twice,

There have been the teasing seasons

I thought I could stay.

I would be efficient.

I would possess polish and poise.

It would be glorious!

Perfection would at last seep into 

Every single void…

Ah, but, then, would come the 

Inevitable crashing down,

Limbs thrashing wildly round,

In all the usual thunderous, 

Tragically comic noise.

Bitter bruises would be had.

Bangs on the forehead,

Banana-peel pratfalls by

Unhappy accident to drive the 

Driving crowds mad,

Ridicule enough to make a body

Give up on one’s worth as a 

Serious contender;

After all, all they want to see is the

Failure, the foolish jester…

But, you know, I’ve been thinking

That I’ve been thinking all wrong

To cast myself along their 

Soul-crushing lines.

Perhaps, I have been

Setting my sights too high to start,

Aspiring to surf the endless skies

In ways I was simply not meant to take part.

Perhaps, in the end, making myself 


Settling in to the more forgiving 

Regions of lower earth,

Owning the blessed dirt of my birth,

Is more in line with who I really am.

Less a height to stumble from,

After all,

When you are not focused on

Ridiculous expectations,

Like hanging ten in the heavens-

And looking cool doing it, to boot.

More realistic confidence that

Sincerely chuckles at oneself,

Sails through each moment 


Nay, even merry in the fumbles,

Can be had-for free!

And elevate you far more effectively

Than those who promise their 

Fabricated liberty.

It comes in the dismissing of 

All those false, demanding places 

We’ve been,

And surrender to the 

Deep-down, not-your-clown 

Knowing of

Where we should be…