In the day to day, there is not often enough room to be who we are. It’s a fight. Always.

Should be…

Should be

Should be…

You are just two simple words on the

Face of things.

Yet, you are the bane of my existence,

Dictating beyond all my resistance

What I ought to be doing on

Any given day,

In any given period of living,

Always narrowing the point to

Just one way…

Oh, obnoxious, overbearing should be’s!

With your straight-jacketed knack for

Squeezing a person in

Till freedom of movement is hindered.

Your wagging finger weighs me down,

Leaving expression all but splintered.

Oh, there are days and times I

Push past you to put my dreams to

A pretty sort of practice,

But, then, there you are, back again,

Summoning me up to be your actress,

Pressing me into the undesired role of

Stereotypical “normalcy”,

Refusing to acknowledge its

Ultimate, utter fallacy.


You’re relentless!

And, yeah, you win some battles,

But know this-

I will never stop fighting

To yank the authentic me from the

Buried shelf.

I will never quit reclaiming the

Deepest parts of my truest self…