I am fairly okay today, despite some frustrations in the last few days. But, in reflection of my various anxieties and the struggle to manage them in the real world-especially privately- I had a few thoughts….


A perpetual holding of breath.

Underwater no less.

All while you quietly flail about in the


In a pet store window,

Various voyeurs poking their fingers

Against the glass,

Standing agog,

As if waiting for you to do a trick

Or snap.

But, no, no…

You mustn’t do that.

Tricks are far too complicated right now,

And snapping in front of a dozen

Questioning eyes is just so…


So, you just keep holding that breath instead,

Keep that subtle, semi-rhythmic kick

To your secretly, desperately paddling legs

And pray to God they move on

Before you can’t hold it in anymore….