Don’t mind me. Having an attack of the irritated-old-lady syndrome, or, one of those nights I want to throw shoes at my TV screen…πŸ˜‰

Pointless, sheer idiocy is this world today…

Whose got the fastest car,

Biggest house,

Most cash,

Best Botox-injected features?

Whose clothing can be most brief

And soundbites say the least,

Yet still be revered

As royalty?

Who can pursue the most gain

Without any real effort or pain?

Who can pose as part of the deep

While skimming the shallow in their sleep?

Who can spend the most time 

Dancing on the fringes and lies

And shrug off the most morals and

Integrities of life? 

Who can emphasize the least significance

And miss the most importance?

Who can find their pride

On what’s on the outside

And throw away their minds

With the least repentance?

Sheer, pointless idiocy is….

Too much of

This world today…