Yes, yes, more talk. So uncharacteristic of me here. Will I ever slow down? πŸ€”

Well,  I think I will after this. At least, for a brief break.

I  just had to share first that the panic of the past few days has subsided. All I was fearing has turned in our favor! My dear girl, our finances, and the old family vehicle are all pronounced well-all three of which were in question before. 

As a result, in a matter of days, we are actually off and away on a bit of a road trip, something we have not had much of in our married life!  I can honestly get a bit anxious in unfamiliar territory, but, right now, my heart feels restless. Change will do us all good. Maybe I will even come back with a few new thoughts. Until then, I leave you with this…

Out my window,

Waves of grass are winding,

Welcoming my feet to wander.

Oh-so-cautious me,

Usually so reluctant to enter the breach

Actually dares to place a toe out in 

This sweeping sea,

Following my heart’s stir

To view a little more than

My often insular world

And find what it will offer me.

I hope for beauty,

I thirst for curiosities.

Old buildings

And legends galore.

Mysterious music, merriment, and more.

Sad but true

That I always must convince myself I am entitled…

But, with courage my cue,

I find I must recognize journeys can be vital…